Monday, November 7, 2011

Fine Dining and Dukes

OMG if you ever wanted to learn Italian start with the menu at North Beach Restaurant, which I believe is one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever eaten at.

It is supper easy to can either do Italian Restaurant North Beach, but to be honest it's name is very easy to remember, one of my other favorite things is that it has granted you may not find that shocking but in San Francisco it is a bitch and a half to park and an even bigger bitch to find a place with valet.

Beyond their Fabulous Parking and through their rustic style glass doors you find our host...there are usually three older men hanging out here.  Now if they ask you if you would like to sit at a table on the main floor or in the wine cellar...Take the Wine Cellar. In a round about way it is so easy to see yourself as Tony Soprano arranging for someone to get wacked while your down here...this is also where they cure their Prosciutt.

If you going to put something in your mouth you better start with their amazing homemade Mozzarella, house cured Prosciutt, and melon. Before bread was invented I am sure a sandwich looked something like the one in the middle.  I will say that ours came sans Onion. They even grow the oregano.

It wouldn't be an authentic Italian meal if there wasn't liquor, North Beach Restaurant just happens to stock their wine cellar with their own brand; Petroni which is fitting considering this restaurant is something like 30 miles away "Wine Country".  I do believe I heard our server Joel Pierre Schweitzer said their vineyard is located in Beautiful and quaint Sonoma.  
This is good shit!

We had the house Chianti while our friend had his typical apparently is aged in a oak barrel but isn't to "Oakey" which at the end of the day doesn't matter because after two glasses he was tanked. Did I roofie him?  Nope, he's just a lightweight!
As I was browsing through the menu I was in the mood for something hearty consisting of meat which can be found under the Della Terra section, I briefly had to pause and break out my iPhone and google the translation of a chicken dish...I didn't get that dish...but I did get the Veal Scaloppine Piccata, in fact we all I know that some of you might think eating veal is bad because it's a baby cow...well shut up, it's Delicious and I like it.

As if this whole dinner couldn't be any more orgasmic, Messier Schweitzer brought us out a trio of deserts, a heavenly and delightfully light Cheesecake, a Chocolate Mouse, and Strawberries with Amaretto whip cream which is called Zabaglione....Again Orgasmic!

We finished our wine and bullshitted some more and then...Schweitzer brings out these amazing Vodka and Lemon Sorbet cocktails, ugh...perfect end to a perfect dinner.

We paid, and as we were waiting for the car an individual came up and said that he was apart of Occupy Wall Street and in England he is a Duke. He looked more like he was going to cut down a tree and build a shanty shack than a Duke...his story was retarded, and then he couldn't remember what he was the duke of.

I asked, "Isn't Occupy Wall Street below your station?" I followed that quickly up with, "Your a traitor to you Country and Your Class."

It wouldn't be an evening in San Francisco without at least one strange individual.

If you would like to create your own night at North Beach Restaurant here is their info.

North Beach Restaurant
1512 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94133

Watch Your Glass,

The Stepford Husband

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