Friday, December 2, 2011

Andrew Christian Premiers Monchichi the Christmas Elf

OMG, a friend of The Husbands and mine, just made it least when it coancerns the male underwear world of Andrew Christian ( The man famous for his excellent fitting underwear and trend setting clothing including his amazing kicks!

Now The Husband and I have shopped at their store in West Hollywood several times and you should all go and have your own gander at his selection, it's located at Robertson and Santa Monica Blvd.  I haven't been in a about three months because we have been in San Francisco, but I love their padded fronts (not that I need it) and their so amazingly comfortable...I might have to pick up a few pairs that are featured in this adorable holiday commercial!

Kick start your holiday Andrew Christian style with a lift in your nether regions, featuring Monchichi the Christmas Elf!!!!

Happy Christmas!

Watch Your Eggnog,

The Stepford Husband

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  1. It's a Peruvian Elf dancing around in his skivvies! Haaaaaaaaa!!!!