Sunday, December 4, 2011

Design On a Dime: Redo Your Bedroom for under $30,000.00!

Design Inspiration from Horchow
I have found an absolute gold mine and I want to share it with you!

Now, I have a subscription to Architectural Digest which is why I think I have received this home furniture and accessories magazine, called Horchow, you all have to check it out, there is a little bit of something for everyone.  I know that the state of the economy has got a lot of us feeling down hence why I have made Horchow the focus of my new Design On a Dime segment!

Today we are going to build our room from the rug up, we need to get a new bed frame, nightstands, dressers, accessories, linens everything, and we are going to do it all for under $30,000.00...I's a bit of a small budget, and we might have some issues with this, but have faith in me and I think we can manage!


Christella Lamps

Pearlized King Bed, Qty-1, $3,999.00
Pearl. Nightstand, Qty-2, $1,758.00ea.
Pearlized Tall-boy, Qty-1, $1,999.00
Pearlized Dresser, Qty-1, $2,259.00
King Sateen Sham, Qty-2, $530.00ea.
King Fitted Sheet, Qty-1, $710.00
King Flat Sheet, Qty-1, $745.00
Damask King Duvet, Qty-1, $2000.00
King Sham w/Fringe, Qty-2, $585.80ea
King Dust Skirt, Qty-1, $850.00
Home Throw, Qty-1, $800.00
Pleated Silk Euro Sham, Qty-1, $190.00
Damask Euro Sham, Qty-2, $700.00ea.
Quilted Pillow, Qty-1, $185.00
Oblong Scroll Pillow, Qty-1, $250.00
Cord-Trimmed Pillow, Qty-1, $325.00
Damask King Sham, Qty-2, $800.00ea.
Toasted Bisque Chair

Ceiling Medallion, Qty-2, $450.00ea.
Cord Cover, Qty-2, $70.00ea.
Upside-down Chandelier, Qty-2, $956.00ea.
Mercury Glass Vase, Qty-2, $390.00ea.
Mercury Gl. Candle-holders, Qty-2, $450.00ea.
Burnout Curtain, Qty-4, $280.00ea
Marnie Rug, Qty-1, $799.00
Gold Kiana Mirror, Qty-1, $395.00
2 Etched Gl. Bottles, Qty-1, $195.00
Toasted Bisque Chair, Qty-1, $1,559.00
Christella Lamp, Qty-2, $593.80ea.
Set of 6 Prints, Qty-1, $1,875.00
Art Night Life Giclee, Qty-1, $1,295.00
Art Rhapsody in Twilight, Qty-1, $718.90

SUB TOTAL: $28,712.50

Whew...we barely made it...we could probably add a couple more accessories to the room, but instead I am going to get 2 sets of 6 crackled glasses so we can all celebrate keeping under budget with some cocktails...hehehehe!  Plus, each set is only $375.00.
Crackled Glasses

NEW SUB TOTAL! $29,462.50...YAY!!!!

I must say...Horchow is soooooo generous...because we spent over $50.00 most of our items ship for free! Can I get a Hey Girl up in here?

In case I've depressed you with how the other half lives, here is a video to cheer you up!

If you would like to redo your own bedroom using Horchow...or, if you are overcome with the sheer fabulousness that is Horchow and decide to hang yourself from the rafters, I am sure Horchow would love to sell you the sheets you can use as your is a direct link to their bedding section for your added convenience, don't worry their only $790.00 Each!: 1020-Thread Count King Flat Sheet

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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