Monday, December 5, 2011

My Quest for My Holiday Outfit & How You Can Get It Too!

Rufskin's "Adnan"
As many of you know I have been on the quest for my holiday outfit!  With the aid of I was able to get design and style ideas. As the days have gone buy I have been able to source most of it.

Due to the fit of the jeans to the left and my fashion knowledge I knew instantly who I was dealing with! I went to Rufskin Denim, now these jeans are the Adnan, which are are cigarette I have skinny jeans but I don't wear them every day, so, always trying to get the most bang for my fashion I went with the boot-cut Cooper which goes with everything I own!  My only problem is that the cooper doesn't seam black enough
Rufskin's "Cooper"
So I might dye them black, which I have only dyed things once in my life...eeekkk.  Who knows I will probably love them right out of the box!

NEXT-I was on to the Boots, in the Pinterest photo this guy is wearing 3-Buckle Equestrian Boots, now when you need an uncommon shoe of any type or hell just an odd item to begin with where does one go?  EBAY!!!!!!  I was able to find these boots...and I mean, these boots...get your own pair here.

With my feet covered...literally...I moved on to the shirts.  Now, I already have a White Collared Tuxedo Shirt but I am looking for a white sport-coat, H&M has one but I just know it is going to fall apart in like a day.
However, I must admit it is exactly what I am looking for...for the Piste de Resistance I have found this stunning Black Button Down Cardigan It is going to complete everything and tie it all together!!! Happy Holidays!

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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