Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Women...Their Fall From Grace.

Why, oh why, do women not dress like these beauties all the it because they wanted to enter the workplace and it was no longer practical?
If that were really true but you could dress like this everyday why would you want to go into the could stay home and be fabulous!

Now my statements are purely hypothetical, and show an alternative view to the strong Alpha-females I actually know and love but how did we go from wearing these beautiful evening dresses and waking up and caring about how you looked to ugh look above to your right...I mean what is that...It's just awful.

Look at these ladies socializing, giggling and having tea on perfect white couches with wonderful checkered floors and amazing evening gowns enjoying what wonderful things life has given us.
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"Oh Margaret...were so rich!"

Now...we have Britney Spears in her breakdown days as a role-model for our girls.

I mean, there is so much cellulite in those thighs we could suck it out, boil it down and have the worlds richest cracker spread.

What black hole class and elegance was sucked into, I doubt I will ever know, but I do know one thing.  If I was a woman, I would wear this black little number as my nightgown and my slippers would be 9" Stilettos.

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband
"Why yes, that is a chandelier over my toilet."

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