Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Halloween Ideas!

It is that time of year again...the weather is getting colder and the air is filled with the warm smells of wood burning fireplaces, so what is an individual such as myself to do?  Start planning for next years Halloween Festivities...DUH!!!

You may laugh at me for thinking so far ahead about such a fantastic holiday as Halloween, but girl please, one must start planning these things early, if you don't you end up wearing one of those wretched overpriced polyester costumes...That is not cool, nor classy!

So you must start planning months ahead so that you have time to flesh out your ideas, plan for manufacturing time, get in shape, organize friends and The Husband...SO...Without further adieu I present to you my possible Halloween creations for 2012!  It might be the end of the world after that, so I suggest you start planning too!

What are your Halloween costume ideas?

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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