Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Flea Bitten Pomeranian Named Miss Ginger

<---------This is Miss Ginger...she is quite possibly the gayest of gay dogs one could ever own...she is all of five pounds...she is snooty when it comes to her food...she can be bitchy...she is hiding a secret.

Miss Ginger has would be hard pressed to know this fact just by looking at her, but I recommend all of you that have had contact to get tested...many people don't know their status, so I encourage you get tested and know your status, so you can protect others.  The sooner you know your status the sooner you can get treatment and the longer you can stay healthy.

Ah this poor little dog, granted I do carry her most places and this is because she is old and get's tired easily(I think the bitch fakes it because she is lazy), and she is so small she has issues going up stairs but it is cute and endearing but I feel awful that she has fleas...and me being OCD about cleanliness I was freaked out when I started brushing her the other day and saw them.

Apparently, this time of year in the Bay Area, especially with us living right on the beach; the Sand Fleas start coming in because of the cooling weather...this in it's self makes me scratch my head with confusion, because it is not like it has been a hot, steamy and romantic summer.  For the most part is has been cold, windy and rainy as friken hell.

So I had a mini panic attack and I put Miss Ginger down and ran to the pet store around the her a flea collar and then got this natural powder that you basically have to put all over your house from the wood floors to the huge rug in the living room, the 30 year old Persian rugs from Iran (grrr)...the corners of the couch and along the back, the carpets in the bedrooms...then I had to start washing every fricken linen in the house from the sheets and blankets on the beds to the towels and rugs in the bathroom...I still wondering what to do about the master linens because most of them are dry clean only?

Can I just throw dry clean only comforters into the Dryer and kill the little bastards?  Hmmm I must google this.

For the last couple of days I have refused to let Miss Ginger lay on the couch with us, and I feel bad because she loves laying over in a little corner on a pile of blankets instead I watch her lay on the rug and scratch herself, and then I scratch myself...What if we get the Plague...isn't that how the Black Death started? By the way did you know that is actually a misnomer?  It should be called the Purple Death because when you were about to die you would turn purple because your respiratory system failed.  At the end of the day Black Death sort of flows off the tongue easier.

Watch your drink,

The Stepford Husband

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