Monday, January 16, 2012

St. Regis Monarch Resort....Stepford Tested, Husband Approved

So The Husband had a work social event last week in Dana Point/Laguna ...aka...where 75% of the gays retreat to during the summer holiday weekends such as the 4th of July!

When you drive up you are greeted by nearly two story gates that even Julius Caesar would envy, you proceed down the driveway, gently passing the St. Regis Residences...yes, I said residences...I am sure with a healthy checkbook you too could live here!

When you reach the valet a very cordial woman will greet you at your car and will direct you as to which line you will drive up to based on the make of your car example, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Porsche etc.  I am sure they have a self park section in case this intimidates you.

Next the valet will help you with you luggage if you so desire...then, you walk into an amazing 20' tall lobby with a 5' tall massive floral arrangement on top of a gorgeous stone out for the tufted stools their amazing ceiling fresco's will distract you and I would hate for you to trip over these!!!

After your check in I would take the offer from your Butler to direct you to your room as you will get lost.  This place has three pools, multiple ballrooms, six ocean-view five star restaurants, the award winning Spa Gaucin, and an amazing Golf Course!

Once in your Room, you will flip out!  It doesn't matter what room you get in this will have an amazing view from your private balcony...personally I would get more of a courtyard suite...since we live  on the beach it can be quite getting a courtyard suite you can avoid some of the evening chill that comes with the ocean.

Overall, The Husband and I have stayed in a lot of hotels, I would say that this is the nicest, the second nicest would be The London in West Hollywood. So I highly recommend that you make your way down to beautiful Dana Point to the St. Regis Monarch Resort ASAP!

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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