Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Julia Roberts plays evil queen in Mirror, Mirror!

So today two of my favorite things came together...Julia Roberts and great costumes!!!!

In the upcoming movie "Mirror, Mirror" Julia Roberts plays the wildly sarcastic and evil Stepmother of Snow White whom she has banished to the Dark Forest so that she can swoop in and marry the attractive and wealthy Prince Charming!

I am wildly excited about this movie because I myself think that the evil queen has always received the short end of the stick and now we have a funny and charming Julia Roberts to improve her image.

The costumes are sure to impress, they look very well done and definitely have a since of whimsy, I am wondering who the costume designer is...they are mildly reminiscent of Alice and Wonderland...this is where I pause for reflection.

Now there is another Snow White movie coming out in 2012 as well called Snow White and the Huntsman staring Charlize Theron and that zombie bitch Kristen Stewart who I am thinking, "Really, You couldn't find an attractive actress to play the part of Snow White?"

Charlize gives a utterly convincing rendition of the Evil Queen which is in stark contrast to the witty and sarcastic Julia Roberts portrayal of her. Kristen one point I see her in armor on a horse...a far cry from the Disney version.

Both I am sure, will be amazing and stand on their own right.

Watch your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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