Monday, February 20, 2012

Los Angeles House Hunting

Anyone that has ever moved will tell you, it's not packing up your current house and making sure everything is safely tucked away in a moving truck, it's actually finding a new place.

The Husband and I, are lucky enough to be moving back to the fabulous city of Los Angeles with all it's celebrities which cause lines on streets in shopping centers and even at your favorite restaurant, it's extravagant and sometimes overpriced restaurants and entertainment hot spots, and yes even the amazing residents which give tourist the world over a horrid taste in their's not us its you and the fact you have no idea what a cross walk is...

Now, finding the perfect home in Los Angeles isn't so much about finding the style you want but you must also do complex calculations such as location: Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Adjacent, West Hollywood, Century City, Hollywood Hills, Brentwood...the list can go on but if it did I would be lying because I wouldn't live in them. Next Grocery Stores, then Starbucks, Liquor Stores, if you go beyond Olympic a cab will cost you at least $20...this is all a very complex system.

So with some light hunting I found this little gem!  I hope it's still available when the time comes.

It's absolutely perfect as it's very large, has space for an office for both the Husband and I, large bedrooms, large living room which is perfect because I can set up different entertainment areas, a formal dining room which is fab because when it comes time to clean up, your guest don't see the dishes being cleared.  It has a absolutely charming dining nook, and the kitchen is quite large...the drawers might need some sanding and new tacks but that's something I am willing to deal with.

Cross you fingers for us everyone!

Living Room
Living Room From Entry
Art Deco Retro Kitchen
Formal Dining
Break Fast Nook...looking into Kitchen
Master Bath
Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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