Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trends: What to wear for your Christmas Parties

When dressing yourself this holiday season or dressing your table there are fabulous finds in your own neighborhoods and in the stores to help you accomplish your style needs!

When dressing yourself this holiday season refer to gold, bronze and classic evergreens for your accessories their seasonal yet still spot on! You can also always opt for Dark Blue's and Purples with silver accessories.

Complete your look with a statement neckless...I've included a link and below!

When dressing your table, have some fun with it!
Source fabric from your local fabric store look for Red and Green Plaids, Polka dots, or light green paisleys...make sure you get it big enough for your table and roll under and sew the raw edges to finish it off...if you don't have a sewing machine your local dry cleaner could probably do this for you while you wait for about $10.

The best part of these do it yourself tablecloths is that you can reuse them come spring!

For you Glassware mix in the glasses you already have with Champagne and wine glasses from your local antique store. You can pick up a set of Antique Crystal glasses for about $2.00 which is more than half the cost of brand new set...and you get to own a piece of history.

When it comes to your holiday florals, mix in white delicate flowers with, Stargazer lilies, Red Barry's, and Roses for a fragrant, beautiful, and long last arrangement...you can do a large arrangement yourself for about $20 instead of the $80+ that your florist would charge!

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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