Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trend Alert! Tangerine Tango the IT COLOR for 2012?

Here we are just a mere 24 days away from ominous 2012 and the Color setting extraordinaire Pantone has announced that "Tangerine Tango" is the go to color for for everything.

How do I feel about this?  I must admit, I like the color, but do I love it? Not particularly.

To me it doesn't necessarily read Tangerine, it kind of say's hello look at me, this was part of my "Sexy Pumpkin costume for Halloween."

Now, it's more of a Rich Pumpkin than anything, and I do see it working with a variety of different skin-tones but I am telling you right now, come April or May Polo Ralph Lauren is going to have a huge rack of this complete with some giant embroidered horse.  That is if they don't already have it in the shop!

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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