Thursday, December 15, 2011

Design On a Dime: Redo your Living Room for Under $40,000.00

Room by: Jean-Louis Deniot
Well Ladies and Gents it's that time again...our house is far from completed and today we have to somehow manage to redo our Living room for under $40,000.00...last time if you remember correctly we managed to redo our Bedroom for under $30,000.00 and we came in right at $29,462.50, and that was only because we had enough left over to get 12 drinking glasses with which to toast to our success!  I think we can do it again!

This time we are again going to be using the fabulous furniture from our friends at Horchow but we are also going to be throwing in some choice pieces featured in the January issue of our friends Architectural Digest.


Lana Media Chest, Qty 1, $2,799.00
Rock Crystal Lamp, Qty 2, $3,190.00
*Ellsworth Tufted Sofa, Qty 1, $1,799.00
Claudia Mirrored end table, Qty 2, $1,118.00
Catarina Chair, Qty 2, $6,458.00
Paxton Coffee Table, Qty 1, $1,099.00
Bohemian Pendant, Qty 1, $2,225.00
Carmella Bar Cabinet, Qty 1, $4,799.00
Olantio Bookcase, Qty 1, $3,999.00
Madallion Blues Rug, Qty 1, $3,459.00
2 Norlina Wall mirros, Qty 2, $450.00
Urban Toile Pillow brn/whit, Qty 2, $310.00
Urabn Toile medallion, Qty 2, $350.00
Polar sheepskin pillow, Qty 2, $878.00

Apricot Sun Pillow, Qty 2, $258.00
Ivory Suitcase, Qty 1, $475.00
Aqua Suitcase, Qty 1, $475.00
2 Golden Fl. Panels, Qty 1, $1,425.00
Antique Mirrored Tray, Qty 1, $275.00
Coral in Urn Tapestry, Qty 2, $1,450.00
Stacked Crystals Lamp, Qty 2, $470.00
Amelie Mirroed Console, Qty 1, $999.00
Icicle vase Large, Qty 1, $155.00
Icicle Vase Med., Qty 3, $375.00
Icicle Vase, Sm., Qty 6, $570.00
Fashion Book, Qty 1, $65.00
2 Doves Platforms, Qty 1, $50.00

SUB TOTAL: $39,975.00

Now, I totally wanted to get a fabulous bottle of Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon but they are $140.00 each, so we will have to settle for a bottle of Yellowtail Cabernet Sauvignon instead which for a magnum comes in at about $13.99 at your local grocery store and we can get some plastic cups for $2.00 with which to drink it with. So...that leaves us with a grand total of....drum roll please!

Grand Total: $39,990.99

Whew! Yet another close one, but ladies and gents, just like I promised we have succeeded! We actually came in underbudget $9.01!

Here are some more pictures of the fabulous trinkets for our room.
If you would like to learn more about Jean-Louis Deniot and his fabulous interior designs, please visit his website at, Architectural digest also just featured him in their AD100 their list of the top talents in architecture and interior design you can read his article here.

Again if you are newly or always have been wealthy and would like to blow some of that cash furnishing your home don't forget our friends at Horchow, they have the best stuff and I think you would agree. You can get everything I mentioned above by going here.

What room should we do next?

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

* Please note, I thought the Ellisworth Tufted Sofa was cheep, my current couch was several hundred more,  and that was after nagging on the bitch (she's actually very nice) for an hour for a discount, and I got to choose the leather and fabrics...Never pay full price, hold out for a discount ladies and gents, it's not being cheep, it's managing cash flow!


  1. room to do next... how about a "great room" (dining area and living area)??

  2. OMG I would Love to do a great room...I already have a design in mind!