Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pea Coat's and Public Urination

So the Husband has been wanting this Pea Coat we found in a Google search ages ago.  I am finally getting around to making it, and just in time for the cold...actually with how cold it usually is in San Francisco, he could have been able to use it in June!  But it is absolutely fabulous and I have sketched my own design for it, pictured is made with a beautiful black plain-weave wool, that feels just divine!  I was able to find black leather Gucci Buttons to top it all off!  I'm so excited!

Before I could start working on this fabulous design I had to repair the stand for my men's dress form...we are lucky enough to have a hardware store right down the street, so I took the form with me and walked in with it, and looked at the very straight men and asked if they could help me make a stand...they were so excited, they all wanted one and one even asked where I got it.

Luckily, with a rag-tag hodgepodge of parts, a screwdriver, some sweat and an eventual burning palm. I felt very butch... and had a functional stand for my form.

I was working on draping the muslin on the form, getting the basic shape of the jacket.  Then, I happen to look out our sliding glass doors and I see an older man facing south his back towards me behind the fence of the beach...I'm like what's going on?!?

Then, between his legs I see a stream of's like 4:30 in the afternoon, and this old man (probably drunk) is pissing in public!  I was absolutely shocked...only in San Francisco...well technically that isn't true, The husband did see a homeless woman pop-a-squat in the middle of the day in West Hollywood once...but this man wasn't homeless!

I know...It's fabulous!
THIS IS A BATHROOM USE IT!----------------------->

Watch Your Drink,

The Stepford Husband

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